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 Helping Players with Towns/Buildings

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Helping Players with Towns/Buildings Empty
PostSubject: Helping Players with Towns/Buildings   Helping Players with Towns/Buildings EmptyTue Oct 28, 2014 7:41 pm

Hello Players of VillageCraft Network -Towny Realm-

Today I'am going to start offering help to build your Towns like as in Roads and some other stuff that is hard for when your not in Gamemode 1 or fly mode.

So I'am happy to help you out in VillageCraft Verison 5 or This Verison of VillageCraft even if your Legend or someone with Gamemode or fly!

This is so yours can have more fun playing the game and making more money/ bigger towns, this is mainly so you can make your town and not have to waste resources building roads and other features.

Just do /mail send 2287

And Note i live in Australia so it might take some time!
I'll try hard to respond and help you out though:D

Best regards,
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Helping Players with Towns/Buildings
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