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 Welcome to Kitaeo~~~~

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Are you joining Kitaeo?
Of course!
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No, why the heck would I? Lol.
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Maybe one day?
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I would but i really can't... sorry!
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Yes... because pizza.
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I'm already a part of it c:
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PostSubject: Welcome to Kitaeo~~~~   Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:04 am


I'm here to advertise my town, Kitaeo, a traditional Japanese town where you can find inner peace, make your wishes come true, and live in relaxed style, with some pretty, and cool, features, as well as myths, stories to be told, adventures to be discovered, your true character to be released. Now hitting over 70 townies, and the 2nd most popular town, we present to you Kitaeo.

One of our most famous landmarks is the Sakura Tree. Write a little wish, one you want granted, but not OP, and sign it. Then drop it into the tree and it will travel down to the roots of the tree where it will become granted. This tree has its own story.... you can read it if you join the town.

Or travel down to the mines, where slaves were driven to insanity by cruel rulers. The history and stories there are unimaginable.

Perhaps you should want a nice trip to the mall, where sweet treats wait for you. Try our delicious flavours, like our sweets, sushi, and meals. Fascinated by our clothing? Buy some and become beautiful with a few dress pieces. Maybe you can visit our hairdressers, who will fix your hair into the elegant, traditional Japanese bun.

Or perhaps, you should marvel at our homes, that we have spent years perfecting for you. `

Either way... you are sure to enjoy your time here...

We sincerely hope to see you there, little one.

- All of our love from Kitaeo <3
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Welcome to Kitaeo~~~~
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