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 Join La.Mirada- The spirit of Kenji

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Join La.Mirada- The spirit of Kenji Empty
PostSubject: Join La.Mirada- The spirit of Kenji   Join La.Mirada- The spirit of Kenji EmptyFri Jun 27, 2014 9:11 am

La.Mirada was formed by Yokomitch and 3angels, former mayor of Kenji. Kenji was a wonderful place, full of life and a sense of community, until it was world edited away without warning. Now we seek to regrow that community together, larger and stronger than before, but with the same spirit and feeling of belonging.

To do this, we have implemented a few things to help you feel welcome. Keep in mind we're far from done, but this is what we've got so far.

~First of all, everyone starts with one plot. I know this sounds small, but keep in mind that we will also keep an empty plot right next to it for future expansion. If we can not do so for whatever reason, we will make sure and keep one nearby.

~Every new town member gets a welcome pack with an assortment of items for making your life easier in La.Mirada. Some of you older members might not need it, however it can be a godsend for new people just striking out on the server.

~We have a megamall under construction. Our mayor intends to sell some of everything that will making living in town a complete experience. You might even find the final thing you need to complete your house or farm here.

~Let's not forget our most outstanding landmark. The giant gollum stands watch over our town and, some say, he dances the robot when no one is watching.

~Oh, one last thing, we're right over the hill from spawn so you can literally walk there (or here) if you want to brave nature to do so. However, most people just user warps because it's more convenient.

I hope you will consider joining our community and growing with us. We would love to have you.

<3 Enzichan
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Join La.Mirada- The spirit of Kenji
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