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 ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application

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ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application Empty
PostSubject: ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application   ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application EmptyMon Sep 21, 2015 2:10 am

1. What is your in game username? ZevTheWolfGod777

2. What is your age and date of birth? 16, 08-02-99 (August 2nd, 1999)

3. What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? Yes, I have been staff on many servers. I've been mod, chat-mod, co-owner, admin, head-admin, helper, etc. I used to be staff and got up to co-owner on this server call joncraft but the owner shut it down.

4. What is your timezone? I live in the US and its Central Time Zone.

5. What is your time played on Village Craft? (Check with /ar check) Almost 16 hours right now.

6. Are you active on the server and helpful? Yes, I have been active since I joined a few days ago and I help a lot of players on the bending server and I have even got about 10+ people to join the server and plan on getting more on as well.

7. How long are you online daily, or how many days are you online in a week? Daily depends on homework and work but normally I am on 1-6 hours daily on weekdays and weekends I am on pretty much half the day to all day. Weekly about 40 hours maybe more or less. (If accepted I can give you my contact number so we can stay in touch)

8. Have you had any major issues in the past with staff? Nope, They have all been friendly as have I to them.

9. Have you involved yourself in certain server behaviors that are not allowed? Nope

10. Do you have any level of anger issues? Nope, I used to but I got treated for it.

11. What made you want to run for staff on Village Craft Network? A lot of people need help with bending because it is confusing for most people and I know how to explain it and help other with it and also a lot of people don't understand the bank system and I help with that as well. Also the shop and some things in bending are not set up completely and/or right so I would love to help fix that.

12. What makes you a great candidate for these MiniMod appeals? I have lots of command knowledge and server knowledge. I have been on a lot of servers and staff on quite a bit of them as well. I love to help servers and players out and enjoy teaching people how to play. I love making people happy and have fun with players and the server.

13. What is your Skype username? zevhaggard

14. How many hours a day can you contribute to our server? 1-6 week days most of the day/night on the weekends.

15. What advice would you give to someone whom has been greifed? How would you help them? I would ask them what server it was on first. If it was bending I can't do anything because its allowed but if it was towny I would have them show it to me and confirm it was by someone else then if I didn't have the commands to give him/her their stuff back I would have a higher staff do it.

16. Have you ever been banned on our server or any others? Why? Nope

17. Say your best friend is griefing a town that is not well known. What would you do in this situation? I would tell him to stop and put what he griefed/stole back and if he refused to then I would jail/temp ban him depending on how bad it is and what the server has for punishments for griefing.

18. Say a new player comes online, griefs immediately and uses a lot of vulgar language in chat. What would you do to handle this situation? Temp ban and/or jail him and mute him. I would warning first though and if he continues I would do that.

19. Say a player is getting picked on and you have no proof, all you can go off of are players words. What do you do? I would tell him to screenshot it and report it to the forums so we can have proof of this person doing so.

20. Say a player whom is very dedicated to the server is having a bad day and lashing out at players and staff. What would you do in this type of situation? Tell him to calm down and ask whats wrong and if he continues and doesn't listen I would mute him and if he starts to grief because of him being muted I would jail or temp ban him for a while so he can calm down.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoy and agree to my application if not it's okay I will understand and continue to play.

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ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application   ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application EmptyMon Sep 21, 2015 9:22 pm

You posted it wrong area, I will repost it for you.
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ZevTheWolfGod777's Staff Application
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